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Q: How much do tattoos cost?

A:Tattoos are not as simple to price as say a car. Even cars vary in prices, what options, what color, Honda vs Ferrari. Our artists are $150 an hr.

Q: Can I get my finger, inner lip, or toes tattooed?

A: Some artists may but if they turn it down it is probably because the skin on those areas don’t hold ink well at all. Those areas are prone to ink migrating, excessive fading, and all around bad healing.

Q: Can I walk in for a consultation?

A: We prefer our consultations as appts. We take great pride in our attentiveness towards our clients. Emailing is always the best first step in getting a consultation on the books with us.

Q: When do I get to see my drawing?

A: We like to cater to one client at a time, so we can put our brains on one track. To do so we wait until your appointment is approaching to start our end of the process. Most of our artists wont show you a design until the day of. But do not worry this is so we can engulf ourselves in your design and only your design. We all work digitally so small alterations can be made on the spot.  

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Yes and No, Tattoos are more uncomfortable than painful. Yes some areas may be temporarily painful, but this is all part of the experience. We do all we can to make everything as comfortable as possible. We have movies playing all day, comfy client chairs, and an extremely fun staff to keep your mind off this temporary pain that will end in an awesome piece of art you will have forever. 

Q: What should I do to prepare for my tattoo?

A: Start by applying a simple white lotion to the whole area being tattooed. Hydrated as well the day leading up to your appointment. Hydrated skin and a hydrated body help in the application and healing process.

Q: Can I bring a friend??

A: The short answer is No, So tattoos can take hours and hours. Asking someone to patiently wait for hours in a chair with nothing to do is a lot. Not only will friends get bored and then get antsy which means they will be moving around, trying to stay occupied. They also add extra stress to both the artist and you the client when they want to go. They also may get in the way of the artist explaining something to you or in the way of other clients. Tattoos are more of a one on one experience between you and your vision, and the the Artist and their vision. 

Q: What is our shop minimum?

A: Our shop minimum is $125.

Q: Do we do walk ins?

A: We would love to, but unfortunately our artists are booked between 5+ months. When we have time for walk ins we make a post of which artists have time. Small tattoos are still welcome by appointment, and most of the time we fit small tattoos in sooner then the end of our books.

Q: Should I tip?

A: Tipping in the world of tattoos is different then other industries. Tipping is not expected, but however tipping is greatly appreciated! We put a little bit of our selves in every tattoo, we try to go above and beyond with even the simplest tattoo. We may spend time away from our families, we may stay up till midnight or wake up at 5am to draw, maybe take a class, attend a seminar, even buy new equipment just to gain a better understanding of this amazing art. Tipping is our way of knowing how much you adore our hard work and effort to create a perfect illustration of your idea permanently in your skin forever. 

Q: What if I need to reschedule?

A: Simple, we ask that you call the front desk 813-671-9676 and email scheduling@9linetattoo.com to reschedule your appointment. As long as this does not happen last minute you will not loose your down payment. This is all explained during the booking process. 


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