Aftercare Instructions


Aftercare of your TATTOO is a very staright forward process.

First you’re going to sleep in the Saniderm for 3 nights. Afterwards you’re going to take the Saniderm off in a warm shower and wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and pat it dry. Yes it’s fine to take showers just don’t soak your tattoo and make sure it’s the last thing you clean. After you have patted dry let it air out for about five minutes then apply a very thin(we mean thin) amount of unscented lotion or Aquaphor. Only wash your tattoo once a day unless you’re doing a very strenuous physical activity then do it twice a day. Don’t over wash your tattoo because it’ll actually inhibit the healing process. If you have any questions please swing by the shop or give us a ring at 813-671-9676



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